Own your Bitcoin!
Securely storing 500,000 BTC...

The most secure wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: Cold Wallet and MultiSig supported, also compatible with other wallets. 18 mainnet coins and 1000+ ERC20 tokens are available.

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Why Ownbit?

  • Officially recommended by many projects, E.g. Litecoin, Decred, DigiByte, etc.

  • 500,000 BTC are already securely stored in Ownbit, and it's becoming more.

  • Founded in 2013, one of the oldest Bitcoin wallets and the best Bitcoin wallet nowadays.

  • You own your private keys

    The mnemonics, seeds (used to generate private keys) of Ownbit wallet are encrypted and stored on the phone side. The private key is completely under your control. In addition, you can control more aspects of your wallet.

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  • Secure and easy to use MultiSig

    Support BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, DOGE and DGB MultiSig, Convenient for you to manage assets with others. The MultiSig design follows common standards and are proved to be secure.

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  • Offline Cold Wallet

    Turning the phone network off or in flight mode to enable Cold Wallet functions. By collaborating with a Watch Wallet, the Cold wallet can perform offline signing and send transactions safely and easily.

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All popular cryptocurrencies in one

Ownbit is a multi-currency wallet. The latest version supports 17 mainnet currencies, 1 OmniLayer token (USDT) and over 1000 ERC20 tokens.

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BitBill wallet has changed the name to Ownbit wallet.